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Frequently asked questions

What sets your custom song production apart from competition that is present online?

Quality, Innovation and Personality. It's all about YOU. While many producers simply create the beat THEY want to hear then send it to you, at KTGotBeats we focus on bringing the artist's ideas and vision to life. If your vision isn't clear, we're glad to help you come up with concepts and themes for projects.We executive produce albums all the time that aren't solely composed by us; this means we guide and consult creators on the direction they should take with their sound, even if it involves bringing other professionals into the picture. Every artist needs music that has a personal touch.

Lastly, we generate some of the most innovative production you can find ANYWHERE, especially online. Like many progressive artists, we get bored with the copycat styles of today's radio and mainstream music. Every artist doesn't have the vision to be an innovator, but if you do, we'll be a great match for each other.

What rights come with exclusive beats?

Exclusives come with a number of advantages over the non-exclusive lease option, primarily, sole ownership of the beat which gives the artist complete creative control over the instrumental. If you'reinterested in purchasing exclusive rights to any of the beats in our beat store, please contact us.

Can I request changes to non-exclusive beats in the beat store?

No changes will be made to beats in the beat store unless exclusive rights are purchased. For specific requests, it is best to purchase custom production.

What services do you offer under exclusive production?

Song composition (either from scratch or based on your idea/melody), song arrangement and delivery of master WAV file and Master Track Out files.

How does the collaboration process work?

Everything is done via online collaboration, unless customers live in the greater Atlanta area or are willing to travel. We have clients who travel to the Atlanta area from around the Southeast and some as far as Baltimore and New York. Of course, when needed, we can talk via Skype or phone. Generally, once you provide your vision for the project, we will generate ideas and send them to you for feedback.  Based on your feedback, we either move forward to the next stage or begin revising (2 revisions max). This way, we ensure that you keep control of the each step in the process.

What kind of music do you produce?

All kinds. We have produced music ranging several genres and varying in style. My specialty genres are Hip Hop & Rap (including sampling), R&B, Pop, Urban Pop, and Film Scoring. Contact us about Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and Gospel as well.

How long have you been doing this?

I started classical piano training at age 6. I have been composing and beat making for 15 years, and producing artists in person and in studio for 8 years.

How are Beats sent after purchase?

Beats are sent INSTANTLY after purchase via email. The email you entered at checkout will be also receive your beat order. If you don't see your order in 5 minutes please check your SPAM folder. If you still don't see it, Contact Us.

Can I purchase exclusive rights after purchasing a non-exclusive license?

Yes, absolutely! You can upgrade your current license whenever you want, but understand that until you purchase the exclusive rights, the beat is still available to others for non-exclusive OR exclusive purchases.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debits cards and Paypal.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

No, all sales are final once your order has been delivered.

*Please note after you have received your order there are no refunds. Thanks.

Note: Signature Tag will be included at the beginning of all licenses. If you do not want any signature at all, we advise contacting us about Exclusive rights.

*Please note all productions retain copyrights and composition publishing rights.