Inky Johnson

Featured on ESPN's SC Featured, author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, former SEC Division I football athlete.

Former Tennessee defensive back Inky Johnson was projected to be a first-round pick going into his junior season. He then suffered an injury which not only changed his life on the field, but off of it as well. *Video and music here not owned by KTGotBeats* KTGotBeats has scored numerous speech engagements for Inky Johnson as well as the album featured below.

Empty the Bucket Album

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James Edwards

James Edwards

Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Author

James Edwards and Deontay Wilder (heavyweight boxing champion of the world). Music here scored by KTGotBeats and featured during entrance on Showtime Sports.

James Edwards - Reckless N Foolish with a Gift

Short Film - Reckless N Foolish with a Gift

Music Scored 100% by KTGotBeats

UFR Vlog

UFR Vlog

Documentary Filmmakers, DC Black Film Festival, Community Volunteers

Music by KTGotBeats. A short film following Rwenshaun Miller & his fight to bring Mental Health Awareness to the forefront of the black community. Armed with his non-profit Eustress Inc, Rwenshaun takes us back to his native town of Bertie County. Where he & four young activists, spark an intimate conversation on the ills of mental health.

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